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Chemistry This is a yearlong College Prep General Chemistry course. We have designed it with 3 things in mind:
  1. Make it Real - lots of hands-on Lab opportunities 
  2. Make it Challenging - we cover all the basic Chemistry that colleges expect an incoming freshman to know. We try hard to give you the skills to be successful in the class and beyond.
  3. Make it Fun! - Chemistry is Life...and life should be fun. 
Advanced Placement Chemistry We have the same 3 goals as General Chemistry, but the pace is faster and the problems harder. This course is basically modeled after Freshman Chemistry at a typical 4-year college. Our goal is to give you a feel for what college is like; and the skills and knowledge to help you survive and thrive when you get there.
Top 5 Reasons
to choose this elective
Prepare for college
It is fun!
You get out of your seat and do hands-on science.
It is challenging.
It is real; you learn material that helps you understand the world around you.
Whats the Buzz
"I was scared to death to take Chemistry, I thought it would be boring and too hard, but it was fun and I learned a lot." - Lilly N., Chemistry student
"More than any other class I took at MTHS, this class really prepared me for College."  - Alex Lindsay, former AP Chemistry student - UW Nuclear Chemistry Graduate, doing Graduate studies in Plasma Laser Research at North Carolina University


Career Opportunities
Research Scientist


Chemical Engineering


Mining/Petroleum Industry



Related Courses  Chemistry/AP Chemistry is part of the STEM curriculum
Who Can Register? Open to grades 10-12; must have taken and passed Algebra (or have teacher permission)
Syllabus Examples   Chemistry      AP Chemistry
Special Opportunities
  • College Credit is granted if you take and pass the AP Chemistry Exam
Other Resources & Information
  • College Credit for AP Chemistry may be available based on passing the AP test, and depending upon individual University requirements - click here for more info
  • Chemistry is listed as SCI301/302 and AP Chemistry is listed as SCI351/352in your registration materials - click here for Registration page
Want more information? See your Counselor.
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