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Shermin Davidson, RN
425-431- 3072 - [email protected]  Fax: 425-431-7771


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Hello to all from your School Nurse! We want you to know that we follow carefully developed practices and procedures to protect your child and to provide emergency care when a student becomes ill or injured at school. Below is important information to help keep your student safe and healthy.

  1. Please alert me about any health condition or concerns your student may have! Little things like allergies may not appear relevant to communicate with us but in reality, allergies can contribute to difficulty learning due to symptoms and sometimes treatment (such as Benadryl, which is sedating). Asthma, allergies, chronic health conditions, mental health concerns, and any medications should be communicated so that I can be aware of any potential needs.
  2. Health information about your student is communicated with teachers through Skyward and this information is viewable by parents and students. Please go Skyward to view the information, if any, written there and contact the nurse with any update or new health information.
  3. Develop a plan for picking up your child promptly in the event s/he becomes ill or injured at school. We feel terrible when sick students are forced to stay at school when we can’t contact parents/guardians.
  4. Keep you child at home if s/he has symptoms of a beginning illness. To determine if your child is able to attend school, ask the questions: “Is my child able to participate fully in classroom activities?” “Is my child free from a communicable disease that could be transmitted to others?” Please see attached Because We Care information sheet. The issue in high school is that students are afraid of falling behind so stay at school or come to school even when sick. If they are actively able to communicate an illness due to active coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc, they should not come or stay. If they have a low grade illness they can stay but be aware that their alertness level and ability to retain information will be compromised. 
  5. We continue to emphasize consistent school attendance because learning is enhanced when students are able to attend school every day. Compulsory school attendance is not only important for learning; it is required by law (Becca law). Excused absences that become excessive, even if due to illness, may require a doctor’s note to excuse. This will protect your student if referred due to becca. It is a good practice to get a note from the doctor any time your child has an appointment and then send the note to school. Occasionally, I may ask that you sign a release of information for your child’s health care provider in order to problem solve and to develop a plan to minimize disruption to your student’s education.
  6. The Edmond’s School District does not have a Health Room Nurse model. Certificated RN’s are in the building one day/week in elementary buildings but at the high school we are here two days/week. We train the office staff to provide health care to students in a safe and legal way so that they can care for students with minor illnesses and injuries, follow Individual Health Plans and Emergency Care Plans for students with more complex health needs, and to recognize when they need more assistance (e.g. contact 911 for emergencies, contact a nurse for consultation, etc.).
  7. All school staff are trained annually in Life-Threatening Conditions such as Asthma, Severe Allergies/EpiPen use, Diabetes, and Seizures, and how to respond to other emergencies.
  8. The Health Services Department has a website! Here you can find out what school nurses do, our schedules, download frequently needed health forms and lots of other health information. http://www.edmondsschools.org/ Bottom right: Site Shortcuts>Student Wellness>Health> our website!
  9. MEDICATION: Please see below for the Medication Policy for students at MTHS. Generally, students can carry medication and self medicate as long as they are carrying the medication in the original and labeled container with their name on it and carry only a one day supply! Please let me know why they are carrying it (what it is for, such as pain medication for migraines, or joint pain, swelling, etc).
  10. The Student Information Form and Field Trip Forms are very important for emergency information, which would include health concerns, medication, and emergency contact or caregivers, (name, home phone and work phone numbers). This can be my only current source of health information on your child.
  11. It is really important to me that all students have health insurance. If your student does not, please go to the below link on how to access Health Insurance Resources.

We want your student to stay well and we welcome your suggestions for keeping him or her safe and well at school. I invite you to contact me with ideas for promoting your student’s well being, and anticipate with you a successful school year.


Shermin Davidson, RN
Certificated School Nurse
[email protected]

Medication Policy - click here
ESD Health Services Page - click here

Thank you for your assistance in keeping MTHS a safe and healthy place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  
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