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College Credit Courses

Did you know that you can earn college credit for certain high school classes?

You are expected to make course decisions keeping in mind graduation requirements, your interests, and your educational goals for after high school. College credit options are available in both core academic and career and technical courses in all of our high schools. The following educational opportunities are provided to Edmonds School District students to meet individual academic needs:

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement courses follow a set curriculum taught at the college level. Colleges may award college credit based upon successful completion (as determined by the individual college or university) of Advanced Placement (AP) exams.  9th graders interested in preparing for AP courses should take Honors classes Freshman year.

College in the High School

College in the High School (CHS) is a program which allows students to receive college credit through college-level courses taken at their high school. These courses offer college credit at a significantly reduced tuition rate, and provide students with a college transcript reflecting these courses upon graduation from high school.  You should contact the colleges you are interested in to verify that College in the High School credits will be accepted.

For information about College in the High School, please contact your course teacher.  Scholarships may be available directly from the college.  

CTE Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit is a partnership between high schools and community colleges to provide high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in addition to high school credit in qualifying Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses provided at their high school. Tech Prep college credits earned in CTE courses can be applied directly to college certificate and technical degree programs. A grade of a "B" or better is required to earn college credit.

Information on registering for CTE Dual Credit Programs

There is a $50 fee if you want to earn college credit each year that you take CTE Dual Courses.  If scholarships are needed, please contact Tribecca in the Career Center.  

For more information about Career and Technical Education programs and courses, visit

Running Start

The Running Start Program in Washington State provides the opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to attend college level classes, tuition free. Students will be responsible for purchasing books and supplies, assessment and technology fees, and transportation.

Upon successful completion of college level courses taken through Running Start, students will earn credit at the college level which will also apply toward high school graduation. 

For more information, please view our Running Start page.