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Course Requests

2024-25 School Year

Course Requests are now closed.  Schedules will be available prior to the first day of school in September.

Current 8th Graders (and families) - Please visit the 8th Grade Page for your instructions and information.

MTHS Course Requests

Here you will find a wealth of information about graduation requirements, technical and in-district classes, Running Start and more! Graduation requirements and university entrance vary according to the year of graduation. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these requirements so that appropriate course selections can be made.

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Graduation Requirements


The Magnet Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program at Mountlake Terrace High School is an Edmonds School District program of choice that provides a 4-year study program immersed in STEM studies and learning experiences. 
Students in the STEM program must consult with the STEM program regarding decisions around course selection.
Note: It is possible to do both STEM and participate in the MTHS Music Program; however it requires extremely careful decisions around course requests.  Taking Summer School for Health and/or PE may be considered.    


College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs) are credits required for admissions to four year colleges and universities.  These are requirements that are somewhat different from what the state requires for high school graduation.  

If you are planning on applying to a four year college or university, you will want to research CADRs carefully. 

Some examples of CADR credits that are not required for high school graduation:

  • 2.0 credits of the same World Language (ex. Spanish 1&2, French 1&2, ASL 1&2) or through passing the World Language Competency Exam
  • 0.5 credit of Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts (ex. band, orchestra, clay, photography, graphic arts, drawing and painting, etc)
  • 1.0 Senior year Math-Based Quantitative Course (ex. math class beyond Algebra 2)

Please consult the admissions page on any colleges or universities you are interested in attending for details.

AP & College in the High School

College in High School (CHS) and Advanced Placement (AP) are dual-credit programs which allow students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Both are excellent options for students to complete rigorous coursework in preparation for their post-high school studies. Students enrolled in courses which offer both an Advanced Placement and a College in High School option must choose one of the two options for their course of study. While similar in content, the options differ somewhat from one another as described below. It is important that students choose the option that best fits their particular interests and goals.

Read about how colleges view each option here.


Message from Dr. Greg Schwab, Assistant Superintendent

In light of our current budget circumstances, we are adjusting our approach to Edmonds eLearning Academy enrollment for the 2024-25 academic year. Starting in the fall, students attending our neighborhood high schools will no longer have the option to enroll in eLearning courses on a part-time basis. eLearning will continue to serve full-time students and in addition, will provide credit recovery courses for any students in Edmonds School District.

We recognize this adjustment may raise concerns among our students and families. To ensure transparency and understanding, we want to share why these decisions have been made. Because of the way the state funds our school district, by eliminating part-time eLearning courses, the district will receive an additional estimated $200,000 by having students take these courses at their neighborhood school. 

Furthermore, the practice of part-time enrollment in eLearning has presented logistical challenges at our neighborhood high schools. Specifically, it has become increasingly difficult to provide adequate supervision for students in these courses who have unscheduled gaps in their day.

We understand the impact this may have and encourage any student or family with concerns to reach out to their school counselor for guidance and support.

For more information about Edmonds eLearning Academy full-time enrollment, please call the school’s office at 425-431-7298 or visit their website:

Running Start

Running Start program is open to all Washington State high school juniors and seniors to take classes in the community college TUITION-FREE. High school students attending a college through the Running Start program earn both high school and college credit at the same time.

Visit our Running Start page here.

Running Start Course Requests
  • If you are new to Running Start, register for all six of your classes at MTHS and once you complete the enrollment process with the college and meet with your counselor, the classes can be dropped.  
  • If you are currently a Running Start student, register ONLY for the classes you wish to take at MTHS.   

Intradistrict CTE

While most CTE Pathways and classes are available at each individual high school, some specialized Intra-District Programs such as Applied Engineering/Manufacturing, Architectural Design/CAD, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, and Healthcare Professions are housed at specific high schools but are made available to all high school students via district provided transportation.  

CTE Intra District Classes
Application for CTE Intra District Classes
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