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Running Start


The Running Start Program in Washington State provides the opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to attend college-level classes, tuition free. Students will be responsible for purchasing books and supplies, assessment and technology fees, and transportation. Upon successful completion of college level courses taken through Running Start, students will earn college credit which will also apply toward high school graduation. If you are interested in the Running Start program:

It is advisable to make an appointment with a counselor at the community college once a student has been accepted to help create the college portion of the educational plan. High school counselors assist in helping students to understand the college equivalents needed in order to complete a high school diploma, but they do not assist students in choosing courses that transfer to colleges and universities or those that will complete an Associate's degree.

START HERE - Watch the Slide presentation and read the FAQ to learn about running start.

Running Start Frequently Asked Questions

Information Specific to Edmonds College:

Link to EDC Running Start website and all info for students
Edmonds College Running Start Slide Presentation
Schedule of Classes 

Follow these 4 steps:


If you are currently a Running Start student (meaning you are enrolled in Running Start classes right now), here are some reminders:

  • You will need a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form signed by your counselor prior to the start of every quarter.  If you do not complete the form and submit it to your college, you will be charged for full tuition.  Below are the dates you should be working with your counselor on completing the form.  
    • Fall Quarter (and Summer Quarter) - May
    • Winter Quarter - November
    • Spring Quarter - February
  • Course Equivalency - It is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with this form.  This is a list of classes that you can take at Edmonds College that count for specific courses at Mountlake Terrace High School.  
    Frequently Enrolled Classes:
    • ENGL& 101 (Junior or Senior Year English)
    • HIST& 146 or 147 or 148 (US History - Junior Year Social Studies)
    • POLS& 202 (Civics - Senior Year Social Studies)
    • MGMT 180 (Personal Finance - Senior Year Required Course)
    • MATH& 141 (Math)

Summer Running Start - Edmonds College

Questions regarding Summer Running Start must be directed to your college.  

Summer EVFs can be signed at the same time as Fall EVFs.

Eligibility criteria for Summer 2024:

  • New Running Start students (rising juniors or seniors AKA current 10th graders): Eligible up to 10 credits of funding.

  • Returning Running Start students (rising seniors): Eligible for up to 10 credits of funding dependent on their remaining FTE. Exact funding must be calculated based on their high school and college FTE from September 2023 to June 2024 via the calculator on the Summer RSEVF.

  • Returning Running Start students (anticipated 5th year senior): See guidelines for returning rising seniors.

  • Graduating seniors: Eligible for up to 15 credits via the After-Exit proviso. Must be within 15 credits of a degree.