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Running Start

The Running Start Program in Washington State provides the opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to attend college-level classes, tuition free. Students will be responsible for purchasing books and supplies, assessment and technology fees, and transportation. Upon successful completion of college level courses taken through Running Start, students will earn college credit which will also apply toward high school graduation. If you are interested in the Running Start program:

It is advisable to make an appointment with a counselor at the community college once a student has been accepted to help create the college portion of the educational plan. High school counselors assist in helping students to understand the college equivalents needed in order to complete a high school diploma, but they do not assist students in choosing courses that transfer to colleges and universities or those that will complete an Associate's degree.

Fall Registration Timeline:

  • Classes fill up quickly so make sure you have COMPLETED your RSEVF with your counselors signature BEFORE the end of this school year.
  • New students who have not met with their counselors and/or have not registered for Fall classes at the college, will remain enrolled full time at the high school.
  • Counselors will not meet with running start students - New or Returning until the second week of the school year.  
  • Many classes are closed by September 

STEP 1 - Watch the Slide presentation to learn about running start.

MTHS Running Start Slide Presentation

STEP 2  -  Click the link to the program you intend to attend and watch the video or info session they may offer and follow their application steps.

Links to Running Start to begin your application process:

Bellevue College Running Start

Cascadia College Bothell Running Start

Edmonds College Running Start

     EDCC English Placement Worksheet

     EDCC Math Placement Worksheet

     Edmonds School District English 101 Placement Equivalency  Guide ***IMPORTANT!!

Everett Community College Running Start

Lake Washington Institute of Technology Running Start

Shoreline Community College Running Start

Skagit Valley College Running Start

STEP 3 - Look up the Fall schedule of the college to pick classes.  These documents may be helpful when choosing:

Edmonds School District English 101 Placement Equivalency Guide *** IMPORTANT!!

Look up the different professors on Rate My Professor

MTHS WIAA Running Start Agreement for Athletes
STEP 4 - After you complete all of the above - application/placement/parent worksheet - make a running start appointment with your high school counselor.  If your counselor is working virtually, please email them for a zoom session.  Bring a completed RSEVF form (pick your classes before you meet with counselor) 

Information Specific to Edmonds Community College:

Here are some updates for Running Start at Edmonds College.

Link to EDCC Running Start website and all info for students

  • Enrollment Dates:   Enrollment into Running Start is open NOW.  Students can apply to the college and complete most steps in the enrollment process.
  • Enrollment Process:   The process is the same as past years.   An Enrollment Packet has all the steps outlined and includes the necessary forms.   Forms are fillable.   Typed signatures are acceptable.   Forms should be emailed to
  • Placement into ENGL 101:    Students with a cumulative GPA  of 2.5 or above are placed into ENGL 101.