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School Psychologist - Julie Schwab

What is a School Psychologist? 

School Psychologists have specialized training in psychology and education. School psychologists understand educational structures, learning style, and elements of successful learning. At the secondary level, within the Edmonds School District, school psychologists consult with other buildings on district wide trends, help and collaborate through programming and support, and work with families of special education students surrounding educational barriers or areas of concern. Consultation includes collaboration with administration, school nurses, school resource officers, school counselors, community mental health, treatment agencies, specialized settings, court representatives and other specialists surrounding mental health, safety, and welfare.
School Psychologists are knowledgeable in: human learning, social and cultural bases of behavior, development, educational systems, community resources, school climate, psychoeductional assessment of emotional status, social skills & adjustment, intelligence and cognitive functioning, academic skills, statistics and measurement, special education laws (state and federal), history, and procedures, eligibility for special services and much, much more.

Who is Julie Schwab?

I am one [of two] district school psychologists assigned to Mountlake Terrace High School.  We are itinerant district office staff working many days each week at MTHS. In my role, I help assess and identify barriers and/or disabilities that adversely impact a child's ability to learn and succeed in the regular education curriculum, assess and monitor the function of behaviors, build and bridge behavior related supports, and help plan appropriate interventions. I work individually with special education students on conflict medication, tolerance, pro-social skills, their role in their education, and overall well-being if this is an identified area of concern or barrier impeding access within the school setting.
I consult with special education teachers, teams, teacher assistants, juvenile justice, social services, community mental health practitioners, and families to bring about increased supports for MTHS Special Education students. I spend much of my days in and out of meetings [across the district], advocating for students, writing reports, celebrating students successes, supporting classrooms, consulting with para-educators, teaching mindfulness strategies, gathering resources for families, celebrating students, consulting, working directly in classrooms, and problem solving 1:1 with a special education student.
Outside of school psychology, I live locally in the Edmonds School District. I have coached varied sports including Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer, and Cheerleading. I've also served as a club advisor for multiple MTHS Clubs including Black Student Union, Rowdy Rooters, Mix It Up, and Project Unify - Special Olympics. I am really lucky to be at MTHS as there is often amazing things happening on an individual student level everywhere I look.  It is simply a great place to be due to our collective caring community. 
julie schwab

My contact information:
Phone/Voicemail: 425-431-5660
Fax: 425-431-7771
Email: schwabj@edmonds.wednet.edu

Do you have a special education record request?
Special education record requests should be completed through the Edmonds School District office at 425-431-7189 Please know to release records there is a signature release form required.
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