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Mountlake Terrace has a very active and strong student government. Each year students elect six ASB Officers. These are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Coordinator, and Historian. In addition, each class elects four (4) officers and seven (7) representatives to the Student Council. Additionally, five students are selected each year to represent MTHS at the Edmonds and WESCO Interhigh meetings which are held on a monthly basis.
Even if you are not an elected officer there is still much to get involved in. Talk to one of the ASB or Class Officers or just stop by the ASB Officers' Office by the Activities Window in the Hub. Get involved!

ASB Officers/Reps/Interhigh/CONNECT/Cheer


ASB Executive Officers (Big 6):

  • President:          Laraine Sims
  • Vice President  Ryan Daly
  • Secretary:          Davis Gonzaga
  • Treasurer:          Kaylyn Takeya
  • PR:                        Kim Banh
  • Historian:           Marylyne Obare

Advisor: Jeannie Brzovic

Class of 2023:

  • President           Maile Armstrong 
  • Vice President  Mark Tiersma 
  • Sectetary           Mya  Sheffield
  • Treasurer           Jazzma Pennerman
  • Reps                    Khadija Ali, Elise Colvin, Ishah Musa

Advisor: Sarah Van WieringenDeb Davenport

Class of 2024:

  • President           Madilynn Beam
  • Vice President  Tyler Pham
  • Sectretary          Khai Nguyen
  • Treasurer           Daryl Tran
  • Reps                     Mudabrah Amber, Hailey Rowe

Advisors: Emily Crum Smith, Tawny Clark

Class of 2025: 

  • President            Fiorella Diaz
  • Vice President   Minh Pham
  • Sectretary           Seble Daniel
  • Treasurer            Ahna Elsberry
  • Reps                      Hai Ho, Bryce Pauling, Jeslyn Vuong, Matthew Alonzo Serna

Advisors: Nicole Mohs, Carla Rosebrook

Class of 2026:

  • President            Bria Tate 
  • Vice President   Amanda Wangmo 
  • Secretary            Sadie Belanger 
  • Treasurer            Tramanh Ho 
  • Reps                     Anderson Pak, Patricia Pottinger, Danielle Sahachartisiri, Sophia Suciu, Abby Werede, Devon Yee

Advisors: Kelsey Eyer, Jonathan Schaeffer


  • Captain               Dylan Pham, Talha Ali
  • Members            Lucus D'Couto, Khai Nguyen, Tyler Pham, Daryl Tran, Mifa Tran


  • Captains             Kayla Apostal, Luna Tendwold


  • Captains             Savannah Jacobsen, Mckenna Gifford, Alaya Bulatao-Quang, Sienna Pepper
  • Advisor:               Kristin Garza

Class ASB Application Forms:

Download, print, fill-out, the this form and return it to the ASB office by Monday March 14, 2022.
ASB Application Forms


Contact ASB Coordinator, Jeannie Brzovic, at 425-431-5621 or